Smells Like Teen Spirit

FEATURING; Janessa O'Fallon 

  Hair/design/photography by Anna Embry @annaembryyy

Hair/design/photography by Anna Embry @annaembryyy

Ohhhh sweet writer's block! The morning of a photoshoot and I'm still dancing around three different themes, three different titles, and 300 excuses why I'm not ready to write. Classic procrastination. Yet, somehow, i don't quite view procrastination as a bad thing. I think of it as, "My Illusive Creative Genius" (Elizabeth Gilbert) trying to surface; because all of the sudden, like some kind of clairvoyant vision, it expels out of me, and all the dots are connected. Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me? 

The opportunity to work with Janessa O'Fallon came up a couple weeks ago while she was at the salon. It's strange how things line up; I needed a muse, she had some free time, but for the first time since writing this blog i was drawing blanks. Janessa is beautiful and talented and could easily make anything work, but somehow, nothing was working for me. Nothing felt right. You might say, it was starting to torture me. 

What tortures you as an artist? How do you channel your ideas? I'm starting to believe that writers block is just a preconceived idea that is so genius, it just needs a little extra time to cook. 

Below is one of Janessa's coffee house performances. Here she covers Nude by Radiohead.

 Janessa & hubby  Patrick O'Fallon

Janessa & hubby Patrick O'Fallon

 Paintings by  Janessa O'Fallon

Paintings by Janessa O'Fallon

 Patches by  Tattooit  nails by  @rachelglamm

Patches by Tattooit nails by @rachelglamm

  • This musical vixen is Janessa O'Fallon. A singer/song writer from Denver, Colorado. Janessa is one of those people who walks into a room and everything stops as the crowd's attention turns her way. Personally, I cower and cripple at the thought of people singing "Happy Birthday" to me. But not so for Janessa. She is unfazed, unaware people are watching. She's a bundle of sparkling energy and an easy feeling of cool wrapped in an enticing layer of mystery. You must meet her, you must learn more. 
  • Her band includes her drummer and husband, Patrick O'Fallon. They are currently working on recording their latest album, which will be released in the fall. You can hear her music and get updates on her latest album at! Below is a cover of Aerosmith's, Blind Man which she preformed improv and totally unprepared. To my dismay, Janessa felt this wasn't "her best", however, seeing that i asked her to sing on the spot, she had just been watching a Steven Tyler documentary prior to my arrival and this is one of her "sloppier" performances???? Goosebumps. 


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Etsy; josbeadedbeauties

Thanks for being such a rock star Janessa! Until next time...

                    Light & Love