First of all, I'm always in the mood for Henrik. He's by far, my favorite photographer. Right now, I'm particularly drawn to the rawness of an image. Wet hair on hot summer skin, the ripples in a pool and the raw organic pattern they create, bright colors as they relate to the fruitfulness of spring/summer, the look of sun-dried hair after its been soaked in a chlorine filled pool or the salty ocean waves. 

Maybe all this steamed from the current snow situation Denver has been graced with (ughhhhhhh). Or it could be that I want what I simply cannot have... But for the sake of art, I think it has something to do with the easiness of summer and the essence of youth that follows. Sun kissed skin, puffy just-took-a-nap-on-my-tummy-eyes, undone, snarled hair. The dewy wet, youthful make-up look. The natural use of negative space at a pool or a beach. It relays so interesting on film. Love it. 

Out To Lunch, Back Soon,